EPISODE 48-Mike Trout: Lookout! (w/ Jay Ducote)

Deliciousness and Dionysian delights dance delectably in your headphones on this week’s show.  We’re joined by Jay Ducote, host of the Bite and Booze radio show, contestant on Fox’s Master Chef with Gordon Ramsey, and 2013 MLB Fan Cave Finalist.  Jay has prepared an AL West-themed five course meal that somehow manages to be simultaneously hilarious and insanely mouth-watering.  We then endeavor to fashion our own gourmet meal based on the AL East, with far less appetizing results.

Check out Jay’s ongoing adventures, which include (but are not limited to): movie-themed pop-up dinners, hosting two radio shows, offering tasting notes for single malt whiskeys, and much, much more at biteandbooze.com.